'TV4 News Studio', Stockholm, Sweden. Photo By Chris Mansson.

Project details

Type: TV
Duration: January – April 2015
Customer: TV4-Gruppen

Project size: in total 500 qm2. includes both Morning News /Nyhetsmorgon & TV4 News /TV4Nyheterna studio.
Set design for TV4 News /TV4Nyheterna: Jago Design
Design, graphics and branding of the studios: Victoria Stout, Th1ng Group
Project Manager: Chris Mansson, Sjöfn Blöndal, Magnus Evertsson

Video of the studio build up

Project description

The 20th April 2015 the TV4 News aired the 7pm news in their new studio!

The studio was built and installed by Visual act AB with the collaboration of Jago design team who is famous for TV set such as the studios of BBC, Sky News, TV2 Norge.

The studio was divided into different ‘play’ areas by using monitor walls. The clean design using the shade of red proprietary to TV4 logo represented the studio perfectly and gave a contemporary look.

The centerpiece of the new studio is the huge 15 by 3.5 meter monitor wall placed in the back. The wall acts as a backdrop projecting an animated newsroom, further enhancing the feeling of space for the viewer. The studio also features an 8 by 2.5 meter curved monitor wall used for various segments with graphics and video feeds. The third ‘play’ area also called the ‘flexi area’ consists of three 75” LED rotatable screens.

In the center of the studio the anchor desk stands out, placed upon a revolving stand. A back-lit ring in the floor creates visual interest around the desk and the centric design is reinforced by a large circular header.

Visual act delivered the glass walls, light boxes, curved wall for the Barco, handrails, desk, monitor stands, header and has in collaboration with Lumination also delivered LED to all light boxes.