SMoT Spira - Photo Lars Kroon

Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: September – October 2010, 2017
Customer: Jönköping kommun, Sweden


Project description

The Theatre and Culture Center “Spira” (Smålands Musik och Teater, Jönköping, Sweden).

During 2011 Visual act provided the overstage machinery, the stage technology and the acoustic ceiling for the new theatre ‘SMoT’ in Jönköping.

In 2017 Visual act delivered a Fly/3D System and 2 Advanced Wagons, merging it with the existing Visual act Control System.

Overstage machinery

The 15000 sqm building contains 4 stages for an audience of totally 1700. The “Theater Hall” and the “Concert Hall” are the largest stages. The “Café Stage” and the “Multi Stage” are more flexible stages that can be used for larger and minor events.

The complete overstage machinery installation included lifting mechanics, 3 lighting trusses and 1 lighting bridge, 35 fly bars (300kg at 1,5 m/s), proscenium bridge, speaker hoists etc. Visual act Stage Control System is used to control the overstage machinery.

The delivery further included the acoustic reflectors to the concert hall, a 9m wide bottom rolled projection screen (designed by Visual act), curtains, trusses, masking, dance floor, storage wagons for dance floor, point hoists and Visual act Control System for point hoists.

Read more about the Theatre on their webpage >>
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