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Visual act offers complete solutions for TV, theatres, exhibitions, concerts and events

Project management

Visual act can take responsibility for an entire project – from early design concepts to breakdown after the show.  All projects start with a close collaboration with the client’s director and designer.  Having a good understanding of the concept and ideas allows Visual act’s managers and engineers to better meet the artistic expectations of the client.

Visual act coordinates the stage design with all aspects of the physical production – lighting, sound, camera, front of house, rigging – and takes full responsibility for this coordination.  Speakers that hang in front of lighting instruments, impractical stage solutions, no space for camera cranes, and bad sight lines are typical situations that are to be avoided already in the planning process.

Visual act’s project managers have in depth knowledge of all phases of the production process. They can produce and enforce detailed schedules – for load-in, technical and artistic rehearsals, the event itself and load out. For larger projects schedules may contain detailed drawings showing the state of the installation each day.

Motion and automation

Stage motion is Visual act’s main specialty and the future of much of stage design.  Motion can be used to add excitement to an event, change settings for a show or save time in a studio.  Visual act Stage Control System supports full 3-dimentional path based motion of almost any type of object. Equipment for flying and horizontal movement is available for rental.

Design services and drafting

Visual act can provide a complete design solution, based on the concepts and requirements of the client. Visual act also work closely with the production designer to develop the final details. Detailed drawings showing integration with lighting, video, camera, sound and front of house are created.

Stage and Scenery

Visual act has over 30 years experience in the production of scenery decorations for both temporary and permanent installation. Museum displays that can handle close up scrutiny and examination testify to the quality of the workmanship. Visual act’s craftsmen are skilled in the use of any material – metal, wood, plastic, fabrics, composites – so the best method for a project can be selected.


Visual act’s engineers have extensive “hands on” experience in the event industry in addition to being academically qualified. Technical solutions are developed to ensure quality, safety and function while maintaining respect for the artistic concept. Local standards for fire safety, construction and electrical installation are studied and adhered to.

Partners and local participation

For international productions it can often be logistically or economically advantageous to use local workshops and personnel. Visual act will work closely with the local client and our international contact net to identify and evaluate possible suppliers. Detailed project management and quality control procedures allow us to take responsibility for complete projects, even when local resources are involved.

Reference Projects