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Winch P 2073 - Product Information

Winch P2073.

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Winch P2073

The P2073 winch is designed for high performance applications such as stunt and camera flying.  The direct drive motor and moving-pulley zero fleet system allow for a compact design.

As the winches are zero fleet they can be mounted in any position.  There is no need for a long distance from the winch to the first pulley.  Any number of winches can be combined together with the Visual act Stage Control System to create 2d or 3d rigs of any type.

The load cell is part of the zero fleet assembly and provides accurate measurement of the line load at any time.  The measurement is used to provide an accurate slack line signal, protecting the zero fleet system from fouling.

With extra equipment the winches can be fitted with 2 lines, allowing for double lines to increase stability for camera dollies or simple lifts with only a single winch.  In this case each line is provided with its own load sensor.  Multiple lines (up to 6) can be attached by bypassing the zero fleet system.

Standard features

  • Working loads up to 250 kg
  • Zero fleet
  • Adjustable output pulley
  • Any mounting position
  • Grooved for 6 mm rope (ropes)
  • Stroke up to 200 m
  • Speeds up to 10 m/s higher speeds on request
  • Dual brakes on output shaft
  • Direct drive synchronous motor
  • Dual encoders
  • Load cell
  • Weight approx. 400 kg
  • Size 230 x 55 x 60 cm
  • Installation by standard 50 mm couplers

Model number

P2073 - x - 250 - 8 - 200 - x - xx
Model - Revision - Load - Speed - Stroke (single line) - Line size - Options

Standard variations

Winch Load Stroke Speed Acc.* Amp Cable Input
P2073-a-250- 8-200-x-xx 250 kg 200 m 8 m/s 3 m/s2 Drive 42 CbW: 10 400 V 63 A
P2073-a-200- 10-200-x-xx 200 kg 200 m 10 m/s 3 m/s2 Drive 42 CbW: 10 400 V 63 A

*Acceleration at full load. Higher accelerations possible with larger amplifier cabinets


P2073-a-xxx-xx-200-x-L2 Second line for two line winch (stroke will be reduced)


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