Visual act Analog PLUS - Start package

The Visual act Analog Start PLUS package is delivered complete with a welded HOAC aluminum frame.

The Visual act Analog PLUS System offers:

  • Motion directly under operator control.
  • Move along curves and create rotations.
  • Separate function for rotation about central axis or rotation of the drive unit.
  • True servo motors for constant speeds and accelerations at all loads.
  • Use to create revolves and stage wagons.
  • Simulate cars or other vehicles.

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Analog Wagon PLUS


  • Size start package 2 x 2 meters.
    – One frame 1 x 2 meters with all drive components.
    – Two frames 0,5 x 2 meters with Visual act triple casters.
  • 21 mm weatherproof plywood tops.
  • Platform height 200 mm including plywood.
  • Two servo drive units, each 1,5 kW.
  • Drive wheel diameter 154 mm.
  • Drive wheel hardness Shore 92.
  • Four low friction triple swivel caster modules.
  • 270 degree adjustable steering angle of drive wheels.
  • Load capacity 1500 kg.
  • Speed variable from 0 to 1 m/s
  • 13 Ah, 120 VDC sealed battery system with charger.
  • Noise level < 40 db at 1 meter.
  • Radio system with
    – Two joysticks for motion control.
    – Emergency stop.
    – Adjustable maximum speed on controller.


  • Increase size by adding additional HOAC modules.
  • Purchase components without frame for installation directly in your scenery.