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Triple Caster - Product Information

Visual Act Triple Caster.

The Visual act triple caster has been designed to reduce rolling friction to a minium.

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Triple Caster

Standard features

  • A spherical bearing that guaranties that the swivel casters are always equally loaded and parallel with the stage floor.
  • Split wheels with individual ball bearings reduce starting resistance, even when wheels are heavily loaded and incorrectly aligned.
  • A maximum load of 900 kg.
  • Ideal load 550 kg.  This is the load that provides for best combination of loading and low rolling friction.
  • Low height – can easily be built into 200 mm wagons.


Maximum load static 900 kg
Maximum load dynamic 750 kg
Recommended dynamic 550 kg
Wheel diameter 100 mm
Wheel width 2 x 20 mm
Floor pressure at max load 3.6 MPa
Build in diameter 434 mm
Build in height 152 mm
Caster offset 41 mm
Shore hardness 92
Required space 184 x 500 x 500 (H x W x L)
Rolling friction during operation <3%
Average starting friction at recommended load – at reverse of direction 5.5%