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Stage Lock

The Stage Lock is used to lock a wagon to the stage. It consists of a conical pin that is pneumatically driven into a matching sleeve installed in the floor.  The opening in the sleeve is filled with a spring loaded spacer to avoid open holes in the floor.  Locks are typically used to place a wagon on a stage elevator with millimeter precision, and ensure that it remains stationary while the elevator is moving.

For most lock applications, drive units should be installed in lift cassettes, as the drive units should be lifted when the pins are lowered into the floor to allow fine positioning of the wagon.  A wagon can be up to +/- 19 mm out of position when the locks are lowered.  Two locks provide sufficient horizontal force to adjust the position of a wagon with a total mass of 2900 kg, assuming an air pressure of 5 bar.

The raising and lowering of the pin can be controlled manually or by way of the control system.


Maximum offset from theoretical position 19 mm
Vertical force at 5 bar 1900 N
Horizontal force at 5 bar 760 N
Recommended total wagon load per lock 1450 kg

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