Drive unit DU22 - Product Information

The patented design of the Visual act drive unit allows the drive wheel to rotate without damage to any floor, including canvas or dance floors.  This in a package that can be built into a wagon with a height of only 200 mm.

Drive units have the capacity to move from 1000 kg to 2500 kg at speeds up to 1 m/s or more.  The capacity of a drive unit is a balance among available current, motor inertia and friction, friction being dependant on the force against the floor and the properties of the wheel material.  We recommend using the Visual act ‘Design Tool’ to calculate the requirements for a wagon for a specific speed and load.

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Drive unit DU22

Model number

* Capacity will depend on the pressure of the wheel against the floor, the condition of the floor and the rolling friction of passive wheels or air casters.


W-CBL-MOTPWR-xx Motor power cable – 1 to 20 meters
W-CBL-MOTSIG-xx Motor signal cable – 1 to 20 meters

Mounting cassettes are available to control pressure against the floor and allow for redundancy.
See separate datasheet.


Maximum vertical load 600 kg
Speed 0-1 m/s
Height 180 mm
Weight 60 kg
Power 1500 W
Motor type Synchronous servo
Drive wheel diameter 154 mm
Shore hardness 92
Connections 1 x power – 1 x signal