Drive unit DUB3000 - Product Information

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Drive unit DUB3000

The patented design of the Visual act drive unit allows the drive wheel to rotate without damage to any floor, including canvas or dance floors.  This in a package that can be built into a wagon with a height of only 200 mm.

The Visual act DUB 3000 series of drive units is designed for the heavy loads of large stage wagons. A single drive unit can move loads up to 5000 kg.  A wagon with 10 drive units can move 50 tons!


  • Built in pneumatic cylinders for maintaining floor pressure and for lifting drive wheels from the floor
  • Rotation at standstill without damage to the stage floor
  • An absolute encoder for superior accuracy and repeatability
  • True synchronous servo motors for dynamic positioning
  • Visual act’s new distributed architecture:  Servo amplifiers built directly into the drive unit reduce the number of components and simplify cabling
  • The drive unit can be built into 200 mm wagons.

Model number

* Horizontal Capacity (HC) will depend on the pressure of the wheel against the floor, the condition of the floor and the rolling friction of passive wheels or air casters.  The weight of the drive unit and other wagon components must be included in the load to be moved.


Maximum vertical load 900 kg
Speed 0-1 m/s
Height 178 mm with extra 10 mm required for cable bridge
Weight 120 kg
Power 1500 W
Motor type Synchronous servo
Drive wheel diameter 154 mm
Shore hardness 92
Connections 2 x power; 1 x signal in; 1 x signal out; 1 x pneumatic
Wheel pressure on floor adjustable from 150 kg/ to 450 kg/ wheel (5000 kg load requires 400 kg/ wheel)