Visual act Wagon Systems - Product line

Installation Of The Visual Act Advanced Wagon System At Norweigian National Opera, Olslo, Norway.

Designing a show with the Visual act Wagon System is simple. The stage designer freely creates the scenery, without concern for how movements take place. The wagons are built to fit the scenic elements. Elements can move by themselves or in combination. Wagons can be built to almost any size and shape.

After the wagons are designed, the physical dimensions along with the relative placements of the drive units are entered into the control systems database. A simplified scale drawing of the stage and fixed elements is also added to the on screen graphic. The Visual act operator can now start programming the movements, even before the set arrives on stage. Once the show is in rehearsal the operator can move through the show both forwards and backwards. Changes to movements can be made quickly and new ques can be inserted at will.

The Visual act Product Line for Wagons are:

Advanced Analog PLUS Analog
Modular components
Wireless Control
Speed 1m/s
Straight and curved motion
One operator/One wagon
Rotate drive wheel under motion
Rotate wagon while moving forward
Rotate around elective center point
Programmed movement
One operator/16 wagons
Synchronize several wagons