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Touring Wagon Server - Product Information

The wagon server contains the database and server computer, radio masters and an emergency stop relay to monitor the emergency stop buttons and radio.

The server rack including electronics and computers is mounted in a rugged flight case by way of vibration dampers.

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Touring Wagon Server

Standard features

  • Connections for 2 operator desks
  • Four channel emergency stop radio.
  • 5 GHz high speed communication radio with selectable frequency and standard.


Maximum addressable wagons 16
Communication radio standards 802 a/n or proprietary
Communication radio frequency 5170 – 5875 MHz
Emergency stop radio frequency 434.725 MHz
Size 645 x 540 x 840 (W x D x H) wheels not included
Weight 40 kg

Model number

Radio – M Additional master communications radio – for larger stages
Desk – CBL – xx Cable for additional radio – 1 to 90 meters
Power 230 VAC powerCON
Radio (Ethernet + 24 VDC) 3
Service (Ethernet) 1
Operator desk 2
External radio 1