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Touring Fly Server - Product Information

The fly server contains both a real time motion controller and a server with the system database.  The controller has system bus and emergency stop connections for drives (amplifier cabinets) or distributed I/O units as well as connections for operator desks.

The server rack including electronics and computers is mounted in a rugged flight case by way of vibration dampers.

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Touring Fly Server

Standard features

  • Connections for 2 operator desks
  • Service connection
  • From 32 to 200 axes
  • Two system bus and emergency stop connections


Size 645 x 540 x 840 (W x D x H) wheels not included
Weight 50 kg

Model number

CBL – BUS – TERM Termination for Profibus systems
CBL – BUS – xx System bus cable for Profibus systems – 1 to 90 meters
CBL – ESTOP – xx Emergency stop cable – 1 to 90 meters
Power 230 VAC powerCON
System bus 2
Service (Ethernet) 1
Operator desk 2
Emergency stop 2