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Product Information

Software is provided in modules for operator desks, servers or controllers.  Software is usually preinstalled when the hardware is delivered.

Software is licensed with respect to product, function and number of axes.  Licenses for various functions are stored in the database.  Adding a function to your system – such as 3D to fly – is usually as simple as adding a license to the database.

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Software Modules & Licences


The software for the operator desk is available in two versions – one for Advanced desks and one for Touring desks.

Soft – Desk – A – R(release)x Desk software for advanced desk
Soft – Desk – T – Rx Desk software for touring desk

Operator desk software

The server has two modules, one for fly and one for wagon:

Soft – Svr – F – Rx Server software fly systems
Soft – Svr – W – Rx Server software for wagon systems

Server software

All controllers are delivered with the appropriate software.  The number of axes that can be operated on a fly controller depends both on the number of networks installed and the number of axes licensed.

Soft – Ctl – F – Rx Fly controller software
Soft – Ctl – W – Rx Embedded software for wagon systems

Controller software

In general each module includes its own license.  The basic fly controller is licensed for 16 axes.  Additional axes can be licensed in groups of 16.  Licenses are also required for some advanced functions.

Soft – F – 16 License to run 16 axes on one controller
Soft – 3D License for 3D – requires fly
Soft – SC License for Scenery – requires fly
Soft – D3 D3 interface – requires wagon server and firewall