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Camera Motion

Visual act supports all types of rigging for camera motion including

  • 2d and 3d wire cam solutions with any number of lines
  • Tracks for both hanging and standing dollies, complete with cable systems

The camera dolly can be suspended from double lines to increase stability.  This in combination with a quality gyro head such as the Libra makes for smooth motion at any speed.

The Visual act winches handle from 100 to 250 kg so that any TV or film camera can be used.  Zero fleet systems allow the winches to be installed almost anywhere.  Strokes of several hundred meters are possible.

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Camera Motion

Visual act camera flying systems offer:

  • Free motion by joystick
  • Playback of preprogrammed motions, including pan, tilt, roll, zoom and focus.
  • Teach-in techniques for creating motions
  • Editing of motion paths and camera movement
  • Motion tracking
  • Time code trigger interface
  • Import of motions
  • Real time export of position

Standard systems allow

  • Speeds up to 10 m/s
  • Loads of 250 kg/winch
  • Stroke up to 300 meters

Supported geometries

  • 1d lifting – vertical motion
  • 2d vector rigging
  • 3d vector rigging
  • 2d tracks
  • 3d tracks
  • Free placement of hanging points
  • Up to 10 points per camera

Supported heads

  • Libra
  • Opertech
  • Others on request

Option modules

  • Libra control and playback
  • Upshot zoom and focus control and playback
  • Tracking output by freed protocol – x, y, z, pan, tilt, roll, focus and zoom
  • Black burst synchronization
  • CSV Input from animation systems