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Advanced Desk - Product Information

The Advanced desk is designed with large repertory stages in mind; the professional user will find tremendous flexibility and a comfortable workplace suitable for use over long periods without fatigue. The keyboard is specially designed to fit the user software interface and can be adapted to the local language.

Threaded holes in the bottom allow for fixing to a wall bracket or other stand.  The desk is available with 2 independent playbacks or with a 3d joystick in place of the second playback.

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 Advanced Desk

Standard features

  • Dual playbacks
  • Mouse pad
  • Full keyboard plus numeric keyboard
  • 12 interactive function switches
  • 1 USB port on front panel
  • Connections for monitor, 12 VDC + VGA
  • Socket for Littelite (2 sockets)
  • Single power and communications connector
  • 24 VDC supply
  • Industrial quality monitor on flexible arm
  • Mounting holes 530 x 332

Model number

Desk – CBL – m Desk cable (server/hot swap to desk) – 1 to 50 meters