'Phantom Of The Opera' At The Vanemuine Theater, Tarttu, Estonia. Photo By Iir Hermeliin.

Project details

Type: Service
Duration: June – September 2014
Customer: The Vanemuine Theater

Project description

Visual act provided engineering and technical design services for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at the Vanemuine Theater in Tarttu, Estonia. In close cooperation with the production designer Iir Hermeliin and the manager for the theater workshop, Aarne Hansalu, Visual act produced the technical drawings for much of the set.

A big challenge was to find smart solutions for getting the large and advanced set into a limited space. Lacking budget or facilities for automated motion, the Visual act design team created guided elements that could be moved by hand and locked from behind, creating the fluid motion demanded by Iir and the director Georg Malvius.

All décor was manufactured locally by Aarne and his team in the theater’s own workshops.