Peterpan 01

Project details

Type: Performance
Duration: 20122013
Customer: Stockholm City Theatre, Sweden

Video of the show

Project description

Visual act supplied winches and a 3D and 2D system to Peter Pan & Wendy at the Stockholm City Theatre.

Who doesn’t love a smart, fearless guy who also can fly? One night Peter Pan arrives into the bedroom of the three well-behaved siblings Wendy, John and Mikaela. He simply flies in through the window, and with him is his sidekick, the fairy Tinkerbell. The night is starry and absolutely perfect for a flight to Neverland where there are both lagoons, pirates and mermaids.

But what should their parents say? Moreover, they cannot fly. It fixes Peter Pan with a little fairy dust from Tinkerbell and Visual act . And they are in the way! Up in the air.