Mall Of Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden.

Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: June – November 2015
Customer: PEAB

Project description

Visual act AB installed a flexible media ramp and sun filter in the main atrium at the Mall of Scandinavia.  The media ramp consists of a 19 meter circular truss, designed for the installation of lighting and sound equipment.  The sun filter is seamless translucent fabric stretched in a second 18 meter truss.  Both trusses are flown from a total of 6 winches placed outside the upper level of the atrium.

The media ramp and filter are both operated by a radio interface to the Visual act Stage Control System.

The system makes it possible to move the trusses between 4 pre-programmed positions. The software is based upon the new Visual act software system.

The installation is designed in accordance with the machinery directive and standards for stage technology – SIS 767 1501 and DIN 56950.

Visual act designed, produced and installed the winches that lift the truss with the light filter. From design to installation, the project was completed in time for the grand opening of the mall on the 12th November 2015.

The installation was made in 2 stages: In September 2015 the 12 pulleys was installed by Visual act sub-contractor Klätterteknik. In the end of October the 6 winches, light filter truss and the media ramp truss was installed.

Mall of Scandinavia is the biggest shopping mall in Scandinavia, located in Stockholm, Sweden.