Point Hoist System For The Oslo Nye Teatret, Oslo, Norway.

Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: 2005, 2008/2009 and 2012/2013
Customer: Oslo Nye Teater AS, Norway

Project description

In 2005 Visual act designed and installed a flexible point hoist system for Oslo Nye Teatret. A system of beams allows points to be quickly and easily placed anywhere on the grid. The hoists can also be used to drive counterweight bars.   Each point hoist has a SWL of 250 kg and a maximum speed of 1,8 m/s. The system was mechanically prepared for over 30 point hoists but initially four were installed.

In 2008, four new point hoists were installed. The new winches differ mechanically from the previous but the performance is the same. The point hoists has a SWL of 250 kg and a maximum speed of 1,8 m/s.

For the production of ‘Karlsson på Taket’ Visual act delivered parts and set up a 3d system partly based on new and existing components from installations made 2005 and 2008/2009.