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Stop By The Our Stand For A Demo Of Our Visual Act Advanced Wagon And Control System. Our Team Members Are In Place To Answer Your Questions Regarding:  –       Horizontal Stage Motion – Our Unique Wagon Systems Can Move Anything On Repertory Stages Or For A Specific Show. –       3D Flying – From Simple Lifting To Performer Flying, Camera Motion And Film Stunts. Simple Configuration Of 3D Objects With Any Number Of Supporting Lines.  –       Stage Machinery And Control – The Visual Act Stage Control System Is Scalable And Can Operate Anything From A Single Chain Hoist To Large Numbers Of High Speed Flybars To Large Stage Elevators. –       Scenery And Effects – Imagine No Limits – Our Engineers And Workshops Can Help To Build Almost Anything For Your Show Or Event.  If You Are Interested In Discussing A Specific Need Or Project Contact For An Appointment.  Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us If You Require Further Information  Or Visit Our Website

Visual act will be at Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin, 20 – 22 June 2017.

Stop by the our stand in Hall 21 – Stand 410a – for a demo of our Visual act Advanced Wagon, Winches and Control System. We will also present our new heavy load drive unit DUB3000. Our team members are in place to answer your questions regarding:

• Horizontal stage motion – our unique wagon systems can move anything on repertory stages or for a specific show.
• 3D flying – from simple lifting to performer flying, camera motion and film stunts. Simple configuration of 3D objects with any number of supporting lines.
• Stage machinery and control – the Visual act Stage Control System is scalable and can operate anything from a single chain hoist to large numbers of high speed flybars to large stage elevators.
• Scenery and effects – Imagine no limits – our engineers and workshops can help to build almost anything for your show or event.

If you are interested in discussing a specific need or project contact Jocke Lantz at +46 (0)70 520 99 09 or email him at for an appointment and/or entrance ticket to Stage|Set|Scenery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or visit our website