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Join Our Team!! We Are Recruiting A Team Leader For Our Service And Support Group.
Join our team!! We are recruiting a Team Leader for our Service and Support group.

Visual act is looking for mechanical engineer

An awesome theater production or a spectacular TV show can for most people be a fantastic experience but few realize the extent of work that is going on behind the scenes.

We love to work with what is not seen, creating illusions of the impossible, to create magic.

No matter if there is automated wagon moving around set pieces, 3-D-flying systems carrying cameras or performers at high speed or enormous mechanical sculptures at an Olympic inauguration, we love to work in the borderline between technical solutions and scenography. Where other believe is impossible, we feel is exciting.

Mechanical engineer at Visual act

As a mechanical engineer and product developer at Visual act you are part of a team developing our products in the field and scene automation but also construction of theater set design and solutions for TV shows.

You will work in a tight team with unusual broad competences. The job as mechanical engineer will range from mechanical drawings, customized solutions for single shows to drawings and instructions for theatrical set design for our workshops. A lot of the problem solving will be done in group with different competences, outlooks and hands-on experience on the workshop floor.

Together we will see the result of your design develop as soon as it has left the printer.


We believe that the person we are looking for has a degree in mechanical engineering with a major in construction (design) and materials. You have to be curious and solutions oriented, troubleshooter and have experience in structured project management. Probably you have worked a few years after graduation and are looking for something new and exciting.

As person you can easily understand and comprehend different tasks and can communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues. You might be a mechanical engineer that has been working with machine design, mechatronics or product development. You have experience and are fluent in 3D-CAD programs as Solid Works.


  • Independent work in 3D CAD, primarily Solid Works
  • Experience in Design calculations (Stress, strain and forces)


  • Mechatronics
  • Project management
  • Experience of verification and quality


Send your application to olle.larsson(-a-)

The position is from now until September 2017!