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Test Of Visual Act High Speed Winches.

Visual act has recently delivered 5 high speed winch systems. The systems will be based in Europe and Asia and will be available for advanced camera flying and other high speed applications around the world.

Skywalker, Opertech, and the Swedish Stunt Group are now proud owners of Visual act High Speed Winches paired with Visual act Control Systems for precision, speed and accuracy.  In addition, Visual act has modified winches for the Wire Rig Company so that they also can be used with the Visual act Control System.  High speed systems are also available from Toprek Rigging and Velocity Stunts.

The winches are designed for various applications, with performance specifications ranging from 125 kg at 15 m/s to 250 kg at 8 m/s.

The P2073 winch is designed for high performance applications such as stunt and camera flying. The direct drive motor and moving-pulley zero fleet system allow for a compact design.

Any number of winches can be combined with the Visual act Stage Control System to create 2d or 3d rigs of any type.

The load cell is part of the zero fleet assembly and provides accurate measurement of the line load at all times. The measurement is also used to provide an accurate slack rope signal, protecting the zero fleet system from fouling.

With extra equipment the winches can be fitted with 2 lines, allowing for double lines to increase stability for camera dollies or simple lifts with only a single winch. In this case each line is provided with its own load sensor. Multiple lines (up to 6) can be attached by bypassing the zero fleet system.

Whether you would like to fly a camera for a live soccer game or create stunts for the next blockbuster the Visual act High speed Winch system is the tool to make your dream come true…