Commisioning Of Visual Act Wagons For ‘Les Miserable’, The Music Theatre ROMA, Warsaw, Poland.

Project details

Type: Wagon Sale
Duration: July – September 2010
Customer: ROMA Music Theatre, Poland

Video of the show

Project description

The musical  Les Miserables, written by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, had its premiere the 25th of September 2010 at Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw:

The production design was based on the use of seven Visual act Advanced wagons acquired specifically for the show. The Visual act Stage Control System is also used to control two winches that lift a set of stairs mounted in the proscenium.

ROMA Theatre’s bold and visionary director Mr. Kepczynski used the wagons to their full potential. Scenery and actors moved in harmony with the music and the story, both in play and behind the curtain. The scenery on four of the wagons was fixed and viewed from all sides. The three remaining wagons was used as platforms for a variety of settings.

The Visual act laser based navigation system allows one operator to move all seven wagons safely and precisely in the tight space available.  The wagons move along individual paths or in synchronous groups.