The Royal Danish Playhouse: Main Stage. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: June 2005 – November 2007
Customer: The Danish Ministry of Culture, Denmark

Project description

The New Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen opened on the 17th of February, 2008 and Visual Act was instrumental in making this happen. The theatre is situated at the end of Nyhavn, right on the water.

The project has been a milestone for Visual Act as it has been one of our biggest to date; 106 axes of movement are controlled by the Visual Act Control System.

The main stage is comprised of four large podiums 16x4meters. With a stroke of 5.5 meters they can move 32tons at half a meter per second. The podiums are suspended in a mechanical cradle and moved with a large hydraulic cylinder that lies on the basement floor.

Many of the large axes within the theatre are operated with hydraulic pressure. For this part of this project we were happy to work together with Bosch Rexroth. All of the Hydraulic axes are also controlled by the intriguing BoschRexroth MAC 8, with programming by Visual act.

The main stage area can be acoustically isolated from the side stage and rear stage areas with the help of three very large doors that are operated by three equally large hydraulic winches situated high up on the North, South and West walls. The Rear acoustic door is 18×8.3×0.28meters large and weighs 9.5tons, which is a fairly big door by anybody’s standard; we can move it at 0.3m/s.

There are six light bridges moved by hydraulic winches, five smaller light bridges with a capacity for 600kg and a stroke of 19.1meter and the main one that has a 5ton capacity and gantries for lighting personnel. There is also a smaller light bridge in the auditorium that is controlled by an electric winch supplied by Demag.

All of the electric motor driven axes within the theatre are controlled and moved by the state of the art Indradrive from BoschRexroth over a profibus network.

Each one of the 55 flybars can move 500kg at 1.8 meters per second with a stroke of 24m. Each flybar is suspended from five cables.

There are 15 point hoists that can move 700kg @ 1.8m/s, these can be attached to scenery or people.

With the Visual Act 3D System the point hoists can be grouped together to form an object that can be attached to a single point and be moved around the stage. Flying people is one of our specialties. Now you don’t just have to sing about the ‘Flight of the Valkaries’, you can get her airborne as well.

An alternative with the point hoists is to group them together in order to lift a heavier piece of scenery. The Visual Act Control System can easily synchronize these movements.

Det Konglige Teater Skuespillhuset opened on time with a contemporary performance of Hamlet, directed by a Norwegian, actors from Denmark and a state of the art control system from Sweden (Visual Act) a fine tribute to Scandinavia’s newest and most modern Theatre.