Installation At The Dutch National Opera & Ballet Formely Known As Het Muziekteater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: August 2006 – 15 March 2007
Customer: Dutch National Opera & Ballet formely known as Het Muziekteater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project description

Visual Act delivered their Advanced Stage Wagon system for use in the muziekteater in Amsterdam.

Originally within the Muziekteater a system of large stage wagons were used to transport scenery from side and backstage areas. Each wagon was 2.7 x 14m and was pushed from area to area with the use of trucks and air cusions. Usually four wagons would be joined together to give a 10,8x14m movable stage.

Visual Act modified the large wagons and incorporated two drive unit cassettes into each wagon thus enabling much easier movement of these large stages. The air cushions are still used, but the motion can be controlled easily by one operator.

The position of the wagon is determined by the use of a laser guidance and can give accuracy to +/- 5mm. In order for the wagons to park correctly over the existing stage elevators at the musiekteater Visual Act developed a unique complementary magnetic positioning system. With the magnetic positioning system Visual Act have managed to provide parking accuracy of +/- 2mm.

The stage technicians have also been hard at work creating their own wagons using the Visual Act drive units and each time we visit the theatre it is always a surprise to see what fantastic objects they have moving around the stage.