Evita Ligg Highres Webb

Project details

Type: Performance
Duration: May – September 2014
Customer: Göta Lejon Produktion AB

Project description

Visual act supplied the set construction and stage automation for the musical ‘Evita’ at the Göta Lejon theater in Stockholm, directed by Ronny Danielsson.

The set, designed by Martin X Chocholousek, incorporates a large rotating cube that provides a flexible performance area for the first act. The cube is based on Visual act Advanced Wagon technology and includes a position and speed feedback interface to the projection mapping system from d3. The content, by lightning designer Mikki Kunttu, together with the smoothness of performance gives a stunning look to the show.

The cube uses two fixed drive units for locomotion and navigates with the help of an absolute encoder in contact with the floor. The opening of electrical locks allows the cube to break into two parts. This function along with electrical lifts for the drive units allows the stage crew to take over the motion of the cube. This maneuver is done so well that the system appears to be continuously automated.

Another major element in the set is the back wall along with Evitas famous balcony. The wall fills the height and width of the stage and is moved forward with the help of two winches mounted below the floor. The winches are perfectly synchronized and bring the wall almost imperceptibly forward. The winches draw only two amps while moving the wall and ensemble, testament to the quality of the Visual act workshops.

The automation equipment for the production includes:

  • One Fly controller / server to handle winch systems
  • One Wagon server to handle the cube and the output to the D3 media server
  • On Advanced wagon with fixed drive units and encoder navigation
  • 4 winches with absolute encoders, two used for the wall as noted above and two used for an elevator.
  • One Visual act Touring desk
  • One 5 GHz radio system to communicate with the rotating cube