Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow, Russia.

Project details

Type: Event
Duration: January – May 2009
Customer: Technostyle Technology LTD, Russia

Video of the show

Project description

Visual act was one of the main contributors to the show and was responsible for project management, stage construction, rigging, mechanical sculptures, LED arrays etc.

The fixed stage sections were constructed using steel frame that incorporated O-Lite LED panels under glass. The glass was a three layer laminate, treated to slightly diffuse the LED pixels. The 1000 square meters of glass weighed over 80 tonnew

The rear stage sections were made up of five individual Visual act stage wagons with in built curved frames incorporating O-Lite. The stage wagons provided stage and LED continuity from the flat stage sections and connected with the vertical rear wall sections that had stealth LEDs in them. The wagons were there to provide stage versatility and only moved between songs, they are noticably absent during the Ukraine’s number as they were moved downstage to help give better visibility to the synchrolites that were used during the Ukraine song.  Each wall panel was 1,2 meters wide – the heights varied from 6 to 12 meters.

The Header Ring was 24 Metres in diameter and divided into 12 sections, 2,25 meters high, The video here was by Fled panels, both on the outside and inside. The LED screens were covered with a special plastic film that helped reduce pixelisation and distortion when they were filmed with the HD cameras.

During the Semi Final 2 interval act there were three specially constructed matrishkas that incorporated Mipix built into a stainless steel frame under a plastic shell.