Project details

Type: Installation
Duration: 5 December 2004 – 30 July 2005
Customer: Det Norske Teatret, Norway

Project description


Det Norske Teatret in Oslo opened in 1985 as one of the most modern theatres in northern Europe. The computerized control system for the flying system on the main stage was ahead of its time, having capabilities for safe synchronous movement that are still uncommon today.

As many of the components reached the end of their lifetimes, the theatre decided to replace the control system. After an in depth process stretching over two years, Visual act was selected to do the job. Visual act’s offer was economical, while at the same time being at the forefront of technology. The system was evaluated as being the most modern of the systems offered.

The delivery

Visual act supplied a complete upgrade of the flying system for Det Norske Teatret. Electronic control cabinets for 119 AC and DC motors were replaced.

Visual act worked closely with Sprint-Electric and Boschrexroth to install intelligent drives for all the motors. In the process of changing from a central solution to a distributed system, 6 tonnes of cables were removed from the fly tower.

Profibus is used to communicate with the drives. A second Profibus network is used to handle the absolute encoders and emergency stop system. This allows the central computer to monitor the integrity of the system.

The control system itself has the capacity to operate all the drives simultaneously. It is fully redundant and can operate after the failure of one or more components. Three control desks are installed and can be used simultaneously. One of the desks has radio communications and can operate without cables.

The system was delivered on schedule and without extra costs for the customer.