Installation Of The Visual Act Advanced Wagon System At Norweigian National Opera, Olslo, Norway.

Project details

Type: Performance
Duration: November 2006 – November 2007
Customer: Bosch Rexroth AS, Norway

Project description

Visual Act delivered their advanced stage wagon system for use in the new Oslo Opera. The stage wagon design is based upon a modular concept where you have active drive modules and passive guide wheel modules, all of which can be raised and lowered at will. The wagon is designed to ‘lift’ up when in motion and ‘lower’ when parked.

Accuracy of motion is determined by a laser guidance system and can guarantee repeatable accurate movements of scenery on and off stage. The wagon system has an autonomous power source utilizing sealed battery packs at an operating voltage of 120Volts DC. The motion control system is operated through the Visual Act operating desk via radio remote control.

Each module has been designed such that it can easily be incorporated into scenery designer with complete artistic freedom. Each drive unit can move loads of over 1000kg and move at a top speed of 1 meter per second.

So this means that the wagon shown above, which has a total of eight drive unit modules, can easily transport a load of six tones which could be eighty normal people, two hundred and forty ballet dancers or seven medium sized Opera singers.

The Visual Act Advanced Stage Wagon system combines power, accuracy and repeatability within the stage environment.

At the time of delivery the system was expanded to provide automation of four stage wagons, each 4 x 16 meters. The stage wagons are an integral part of the opera’s below stage machinery and are used to transport complete productions – up to 24 tons – to and from the main stage.