Press Photo: Staatstheater Am Gärtnerplatz © Thomas Dashuber.

Project details

Type: Performance
Duration: 2014
Customer: Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, München, Germany.

Project description

The Chitty car is based on a Visual act Analog PLUS Wagon with some special additional features. The wagon has a maximum speed of 0.75m/s and a load capacity of 2000 kg. Two modes of operation, ‘speed modulation’ and ‘parallel movement’, allow for a wide variety of motion. The wagon can also be set to rotate about its center upon activation of a dedicated switch.

A hydraulic scissor lift with additional tilt function is incorporated into the top of the wagon. Both lift and tilt are controlled from an on board handheld controller. The wagon can be controlled either on board or by an operator with a wireless radio system.

On the wireless radio control there is a switch where the backstage operator can enable the wired control on board. The backstage operator can always take back the control by switching off the on board control.

The system was designed in cooperation with our partner HOAC, who delivered the aluminum frames for the wagon and the upper level.