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HOAC integrates Visual act Wagon components into their own aluminum frames. HOAC is a leading supplier of aluminum profiles and welded structures for theater and the entertainment industry.

HOAC also represents Visual act in China.

SE.ONE is Visual act’s official partner in Korea. SE.ONE is the leading supplier and installer of stage equipment in Korea.

Toprek Rigging is Visual act’s partner for rental of flying systems in the Netherlands. They specialize in rigging and automation for theatrical productions and events.

Face Off is an innovative company made of professional, very skilled stunt coordinators, stunt performers and riggers who have worked on national and international productions for many years.  Together with Skywalker they provide Visual act flying systems for 3D performer flying and camera motion. They are located in Germany.

The Swedish Stunt Group is located in Stockholm, Sweden.  They offer 3D flying for film production and events.

WI Creations is Visual act’s partner for the rental of Advanced Wagon systems.

They are located in Belgium.

Team Velocity are Stunt & Camera Rigging specialists, providing Visual act controlled high speed winches for aerial 3D rigging for stunts, performer flying, and camera flying.

They are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Opertech combines Visual ach high speed winch systems with their own gyro stabilized heads to provide a foll complement of camera flying systems for film and TV.

The Wire Rig Company uses Visual act 3D systems to provide camera flying services in Great Britain.

Leon is Visual act’s rental partner for 3D flying systems in Hungary.

Partner Projects