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Visual act Scandinavia AB

Visual A.C.T. (Artistic Computer Technology) is a private corporation registered in Sweden. The company develops and manufactures advanced technology for the entertainment industry, including computerized control systems for all types of events and venues.

Visual act’s core product is the Stage Control System designed to control all types of automated machinery on, over or below the stage. The system is used to control Visual act’s other product offerings such as Visual act Wagon, Visual act Fly and Visual act 3D.

Visual act Wagon is a patented stage horizontal transportation system with which the set design can be easily modified. Actors, scenery, stage elements and other technical installations can freely be moved across the stage floor in pre-programmed and automated movements. Visual act Fly is designed to control any stage equipment, from fly bars to stage elevator. The system allows for simple programming of motion (position, velocity and acceleration /deceleration) for objects varying from individual axes to complex synchronized groups. The development of the fly system has led to the Visual act 3D where any number of winches can be combined to allow an object (e.g. decorative, persons or camera) to move in three or more dimensions.

Visual act has through its solid expertise and competitive concept, received several prestigious assignments in larger theaters and stages around the world: The Royal Danish Playhouse and the Old Stage for the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen, SMoT (Smålands Musik och Teater) in Jönköping, Norwegian National Opera in Oslo, Finnish Opera, Yanka Kupala in Belarus, Wuxi Grand Theater in China and The National Opera in Amsterdam.